Internet Auctions
TM are now offering real time reverse auctions to secure the best available electricity and gas prices. Buyers can watch the progress of the auction as it happens, see who is bidding and the progress of the bidding right up to the close of the auction. The emphasis for prices has now moved from obtaining the best price from competing suppliers on any day to determining the best day to request prices.

This service is now available from TM and during the lead up to contract renewals buyers will be fed market forecasts, information and advice to assist them determine the best day for TM to host the auction.


(Mandatory Energy Audits)

Following EU legisalation larger enterprises in the UK (excluding public bodies) will be required to undertake an energy audit of their consumptions coupled with an energy audit of all their sites to identify and quantify the opportunities to reduce their CO2 emissions and costs. It is proposed that this will be required every four years, the first audits to be completed by December 2015. It will be a requirement that qualified assessors must be used (can be internal staff) to underake the work. TM is well placed to assist companies undertake and fulfil ESOS requirements, at minimum costs and inconvenience. This is another example of yet more energy reporting being required by the EU and it is hoped that some of the work already undertaken by UK companies can be used to reduce some of the work required. Please do not hesitate to contact TM for further information.

The Environment Agency has issued a second warning to those who qualify under the ESOS Scheme, as 73% of companies who qualify are yet to start mandatory audits and 61% still need to appoint a lead assessor.

From the start of June, reports showed that 88 companies must comply every single day in order to meet the deadline and avoid a fine. With there being only 750 Lead Assessors, each assessor would need to complete 2 audits per week until December.

If organisations fail to undertake an audit, they face a fine of up to £90,000


Carbon Reduction Commitment

In April 2012 companies consuming more than 6000mWhrs via HH electricity meters per annum and who are not covered by a Climate Change Agreement or the EU ETS schemes were required to purchase carbon credits equivalent to the their projected emissions in 2012/13. The permits was purchased from the government at £12.00 per tonne, equivalent to around 10% of your energy costs and was required for all energy requirements i.e. electricity, gas, oil etc.

The following year participants were required to submit a detailed record of emissions for all sites that they operated during the year and a league table was published ranking participants in terms of their carbon emission reductions. The monies collected is now retained by the government as a “carbon tax”

TM is offering existing and past clients meetings to discuss the implications of the above and how to manage the administration. For many clients we will simply enhance our current data systems to cater for the legislation, for others we are able to offer a complete costs effective package to determine their requirements, purchase the credits, monitor performance submit annual returns and reduce the amount of “tax” paid.