Internet Auctions
TM are now offering real time reverse auctions to secure the best available electricity and gas prices. Buyers can watch the progress of the auction as it happens, see who is bidding and the progress of the bidding right up to the close of the auction. The emphasis for prices has now moved from obtaining the best price from competing suppliers on any day to determining the best day to request prices.

This service is now available from TM and during the lead up to contract renewals buyers will be fed market forecasts, information and advice to assist them determine the best day for TM to host the auction.


(Mandatory Energy Audits)

The ESOS reporting scheme has been mandatory for qualifying organisations and is now into its third four-yearly cycle. Under the Environment Agency sponsored scheme, large UK organisations are required to undertake energy audits coupled with site surveys aimed at identifying opportunities to reduce their energy emissions and costs. Organisations or part of larger bodies with over 250 employees, a turnover of over £44m or an annual balance sheet of over £38m need to comply.

ESOS has four phases each with deadlines for submission. The phase 2 deadline has passed – however it’s not too late to submit information and we have helped several businesses who have missed the deadline.

Phase 2 Deadline:
5 December 2019

Phase 3 Deadline:
5 December 2023

Phase 4 Deadline:
5 December 2027

TM continue to provide qualified Lead Assessors, qualified under Energy Institute and CIBSE board remits to oversee this technical process. The outcome is a cost effective solution to highlight cost effective and meaningful savings opportunities, with benefits far outweighing the initial investigation outlay

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

SECR, introduced from April 2019 and is the latest item of carbon reporting introduced by Government. It requires large organisations to provide details of their energy and carbon emissions in their Annual Company Report. SECR applies to all quoted companies and large UK companies with over 250 employees or annual turnover of more than £36m or an annual balance sheet of over £18m.

For these organisations, TM provide an accreditation and reporting service to accurately and effectively present this data as part of companies’ technical audits.

UK based organisations within the scope of the legislation will be required to disclose energy and carbon emissions information in their Company Annual Report, including:

UK energy use to include purchased electricity, fossil fuels and vehicle transport fuels

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

At least one intensity ratio.

Previous year’s figures for energy use and GHG emissions.

Information on energy efficiency action taken in the year.

Methodologies used in the calculation of disclosures.

Data capture falls into one or more of six categories:

Energy & Greenhouse Gases
Materials and resource efficiency
Biodiversity/ecosystem services
Emissions to air, land and water

In addition to the above, will be a narrative description of the measures taken in the financial year, together with an intensity ratio which compares emissions with an appropriate business metric or financial indicator, to allow comparison of energy efficiency performance over time.

TM can handle all of these audit compliance processes for you and offer an accurate and effective reporting service.