Utility Purchasing

TM offer a range of utility purchasing products to meet a client’s preference. The range covers a simple fee based service to a more complex reverse auction and trading options. In addition we have a vast experience in detecting, correcting and recovering billing errors.

Reverse Auction

Many consumers, particularly in manufacturing, require a fixed price for their utility supplies on an annual basis to assist them plan production and budgets. However attractive a falling market might look, a sharply rising market would play havoc with the profit and loss account.

TM is now able to offer to these consumers the same utility buying platform as used by major utility purchasers. The platform offers an unprecedented opportunity for energy purchasers to secure the lowest prices at minimum risk. The system offers:

– Same “reverse auction” buying platform as large multi-national companies.

– As with most auctions, costs are met by the sellers

– Lower risk to sellers hence lower price

-Lower initial prices plus reverse auction drives prices down.

– Bids instantly revealed and ranked on your screen via secure internet connection

– Bids checked, reconciled, agreed and signed within 30mins of auction end

– High quality intelligence leading up to auction process free of charge.

– Optimal tender timing. It is now a question of “when” not “where”.

An ideal solution that, once set up, can be re-used each year with a minimal client input


If a reverse auction approach is not for you and you are prepared to buy on a shorter, higher risk window then one of our traded products may be for you. Through our traders we can offer the full range of trading options.

These are complex products with the potential for significant savings and we would be pleased to visit potential users and discuss their requirements in more detail.

Utility Billing Errors

Over the years TM has spent more and more time on our clients’ behalf sorting out billing errors and anomalies with water, gas, electricity and telecom suppliers. These range from simply billing the wrong address or incorrect meter readings, to major problems in bringing new supplies on stream.

If you are suffering from any problems with your utility suppliers and it is tying up more and more of your valuable management time then TM can help. We currently manage accounts for many UK multi-site companies, providing a regular check on utility bills and ensuring that billing errors, and hence costs, are minimised. We can set up models to shadow your utility billing and provide you with high speed, accurate and impartial advice, and we are always willing to implement and manage our recommendations.

Over the past twenty years we have built up a unique insight and understanding of the market and are willing to operate on a results achieved basis, which means that we are paid from savings achieved, or on a fee basis if preferred. We are not brokers or agents and therefore all our efforts are directed at benefiting clients and we have no problems should firm action be required against any utility supplier

And remember – NO SAVINGS – NO FEES

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